Regulations Concerning the School Uniform

St. Joseph Boy's Uniform
Girls Uniform
  • White Blouse w/pointed collar-not button down
  • Uniform navy knee socks (Available from the company or at school)
  • Uniform navy sweater (v-neck or cardigan)
  • Uniform jumper or vest and Skirt (knee length or below the knee)
  • Navy tights are permitted.
Boys Uniform
  • White dress shirt
  • Uniform Tie (machine washable)
  • Uniform navy sweater (v-neck, cardigan or vest)
  • Navy trousers w/traditional pockets, (worn with belt)
  • No colored t-shirts or t-shirts with print should be worn under the white shirt.


Accessories and Make-up
Jewelry worn at school must be kept to a minimum. One pair of earrings (for girls only) may be worn. For the sake of safety these shall be studs or small (1/2 or ¾ inch) hoops. No additional piercing is allowed. One bracelet and a watche may be worn. Religious jewelry (necklaces) may be worn on the outside of the uniform. Any other jewelry should be kept underneath the blouse or shirt. Special holidays may be exceptions to this rule with permission only. Elaborate hair ornaments (e.g. large flowers or bows, wide bands, and scarves are also not acceptable with the uniform.)

Make-up is never allowed. This includes lipstick, eye make-up, nail polish or any other type of make-up. No type of tattoo is allowed.

Students may not bring perfume, cologne, or spray type bottles to school for any reason. Many students have allergies or are asthmatic and fragranced items cause difficulties.

Hair Styles
It is expected that hair will be neat and clean at all times. Boys’ haircuts shall be above the ears and collar. No extreme haircuts or styles will be allowed. This includes tails, spikes, and lines cut into the hair, or shaving one's head. Hair coloring of any kind is not allowed for any student.

Failure to adhere to any of the above will result in disciplinary action.

Physical Education Attire
While we have no uniform for our physical education classes, we do expect students to be properly attired. Students in grades K-5 need only remember to bring sneakers for this class. Those in grades 6-8 will need to change into shorts or sweat pants, and t-shirts, as well as sneakers. Cotton or flannel sleep pants are not allowed. Failure to follow this dress code may result in a lower grade for this curriculum area, exclusion from participation, or detention.

Dress Down Days
At times a “no-uniform day” is allowed. On these days specific information is given regarding appropriate dress. It is important that this information be taken seriously, as noncompliance with the specific directives may result in disciplinary actions or a request for parental involvement (e.g., bringing appropriate clothing to school.)