Financing Education


  • Reagan Twomey Scholarship available to graduates of Saint Joseph School only for students who pursue a High School Education at St. Bernard School. The amount is dependent upon the year of entrance into Saint Joseph School. 
    • $7,000 is awarded for students who complete K-8 at Saint Joseph School.
    • $4,000 per year at St. Bernard for those entering Saint Joseph School at Grade 6 and graduate from 8th grade.
  • Catholic Foundation- Financial assistance is available upon request. Applications are due in March to receive funding for the fall. Information on the application can be found on the Norwich Diocese Website. 
  • Saint Joseph School Adopt-A-Student Scholarship- Parishioners of Saint Joseph School help support the Adopt-A-Student Scholarship. Please contact Father Mark or Ms. Cote for additional information.
  • Sullivan Foundation Scholarship- High School graduates who are college bound and alumni of Saint Joseph School can apply for the Sullivan Foundation Scholarship. 


Tuition Collection

FACTS Tuition Management, Inc. is the company through which tuition is collected. All families must register for this service and choose a payment plan, unless payment is being made in full by August 1 prior to the beginning of the pertinent school year. Registration is an online procedure and all families using this service must register on a yearly basis. To register one must access our school web site at and click on the FACTS link. This link will provide directions for registration.


Deposits made upon re-registration are non-refundable. Refunds for tuition after the school year has begun will be considered on an individual basis.

FACTS Brochure