Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Saint Joseph School

The philosophy of St. Joseph School derives from our belief that our Roman Catholic Faith Tradition is the center of life. This philosophy defines the teaching/learning process, with respect to our society and to our community, in the context of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Teachers shall appreciate the individuality of each student as the student’s potential develops through maturation and experience. Recognizing that to realize one’s full potential is to be in God’s image, teaching shall emphasize the steps of the learning process so that students may attain high standards of knowledge. Teachers shall exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ in partnership with the parents, who are called to be the primary educators of their children.

Students shall be active participants in the learning process. They shall observe, organize and experiment as they develop strategies for problem solving through creative and critical thinking. The students shall strive for high levels of spiritual, cognitive, and social growth, as every child develops and uses their God-given talents.

The school shall celebrate the cultural diversity and unique environments within the community, which it serves. The Saint Joseph community-pastor and associates, administrators, teachers, students, parents and parishioners-works together with the understanding that if we are to truly live our faith, we must do so in a community which serves God in a global society. The school models the importance of individual responsibility and group cooperation, enabling students to be active members of a peaceful and just society.

The moral teaching of the Catholic Church shall be the foundation of the ethics of all members of the Saint Joseph School Community. Individuals, understanding their responsibility as members of God’s kingdom, will set goals and make choices reflective of this understanding.