Principal's Weekly Letter

September 5, 2018


Dear Parents,


Our 81st school year at St. Joseph School has begun!  As always, we are pleased to welcome new students and their families to our school family and to welcome back all those who have been a part of our school previously.  Our prayer is that this year will be one of spiritual growth, joy filled-learning, kindness and service to one another. As we mentioned at Mass on the first day, we are called to illuminate the world with God’s Word and Love.  We remind you of our mission as spoken by our students and staff, the “AMEN”, a word that means, “yes it is so”, or “we believe”!

Accept each person as a unique creation in God’s image.

Model Jesus as we make everyone feel welcome in this holy place.

Educate each other for life.

Nurture the diverse gifts and talents of everyone in our school family.

May we take this mission to heart as we accept our call to live in the image of God!

I remind everyone that our Handbook is on our website at  Please review our Handbook and then sign the letter sent to you on the first day of school.  That should be returned to the office this week.

This Friday is a Diocesan retreat for the teaching staff; therefore, there is NO SCHOOL.

Mrs. Bailey, our administrative assistant is in the office from 7:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  Mrs. Bustamonte, our librarian and administrator for FACTS and Rediker record keeping is at the school from 8 am to 2:30 p.m. should you need her assistance.

Mrs. Williamson will continue as a teaching Assistant Principal. Mrs. Gookin is the Head Teacher.  In my absence from the building, these teachers would become the authority in an emergency.  We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Egan and Mrs. Londregan to our teaching staff, as Grade 6 homeroom teachers.  Mrs. Egan will teacher Grade 6 English, Religion, and Math. Mrs. Londregan will teach Grade 6-8 Social Studies.

In order to volunteer for school activities, it is required that everyone who has not completed the training and background check for the Diocesan Office for Safe Environments do so prior to volunteering for school activities.  You must register with our office with your full name, birth date and email address for the online training.

We will be launching our boat, the SJS Voyager at the end of September with the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Bentley.  This boat will carry school memorabilia and a GPS tracking system. After it is launched our students will be able to track the journey of the boat online through the GPS system.

Tickets are available for the second annual “Steak Night” at the Bird’s Eye, being held on September 22nd.  The Great American Opportunities fundraising packet that went home on last Thursday will be due in a week and a half.  The money earned from this goes directly to our “field trip fund”, helping to subsidize transportation for field trips.  Thank you for helping in any and all ways that you are able. Stay tuned for our second annual “Education Raffle”!

Chorus will be held on Thursdays this year for those who are interested. Our school band will continue this year under the direction of Ms. Elizabeth Gagnon from Future Musicians of Connecticut. The program comes at a separate cost to parents. A meeting for parents who are interested in this service is scheduled for Monday, September 10th at 6:30 p.m. We do have limited scholarship funds given as a gift from the St. Joseph 1000 Club and other donors to assist parents who would like their children to receive instrumental music lessons.

Thanks to the Home-School Association and the 1000 Club we have also completed the replacement of classroom flooring.  We have also secured a new Science program for grades 6-8 and a new Reading program in grades 3 and 4 through grants and gifts.

After School Clubs and activities are in the planning stages and additional information will be forthcoming as to days and times.

I thank you once again for your commitment to and love for our school as we move forward in this 81st year at St. Joseph School. As always you are in our daily prayers.  Please continue to keep us in yours.


Marianne Cote