Principal's Weekly Letter

April 25, 2018


Dear Parents,

What a wonderful idea to celebrate Earth Day in the midst of the Easter Season! After all it is in this season that we celebrate the new life brought to us through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. How fitting that we celebrate our responsibility in keeping all of God’s creation beautiful and available to His people.

You should have received two notices regarding re-registration. Thank you to all who have been sending in their re-registrations for next year. As I mentioned previously we are in the planning stages for the coming school year and that includes ordering texts and teaching materials. These orders are always based on the number of students registered, and so the numbers are truly necessary to make that transition to the New Year run smoothly. I am happy to say we continue to receive applications and calls for school visits. Thank you to all who are passing on the “good news” of St. Joseph School to friends and family.

Our school faculty and staff continue to take advantage of professional development offered in many sectors to be sure we are offering the best education and faith development for your children. As you all know our faculty and staff is made up of professionals in many age groups. We are pleased to have new and energetic faces join us, as well as maintaining the wisdom of our seasoned and more experienced members. However, at times we must say farewell to individuals who have dedicated their lives to Catholic Education, but feel the time has come to move on to spend more time with family. This being said, I wish to announce that Mrs. Andriks will be retiring at the end of this school year. We thank her for her 30 plus years of caring for the educating the children of the St. Joseph School Family. She will truly be missed.

Standardized testing (a Diocesan and school requirement) continues through the beginning of next week. It is imperative that the children arrive on time and are present in school on these days. I remind you that standardized testing assists the school in providing the best possible programs for all of our children. Thank you for your support in this.
You may remember that at the beginning of the school year we announced that our school would launch a “mini boat” in honor of our 80th Anniversary of opening St. Joseph School. We are currently about to realize that goal. With the help of Greg Moore and Dick Fraser, along with some students the boat will be under construction for launching at the end of May or the beginning of June.

Please look for information regarding field trips to be sent home by teachers. I remind you that only those who have taken the on line or workshop course, completed the necessary paperwork, and received approval from the Diocesan Office of Safe Environments are eligible to chaperone.

We continue to look for new ways to keep our children safe. Please be aware that our school underwent a safety audit 2 years ago. This audit was completed by an agency certified for this purpose. The suggested improvements were completed shortly after the audit. These included new “bullet resistant” glass at the side entries, a new intercom system, and telephones in each classroom. Prior to the audit the school had already installed a “buzz-in” system at the front entrance, as well as cameras at the entrances and back of the school. This year we have added additional speakers in the building, and we will now have visitor badges for workmen or other visitors to our school. Visitors will receive these upon signing in at the office. Teachers are also receiving training in self-defense tactics.

Our annual Wine Tasting will take place at the Elk’s Club in New London on May 19th from 7 to 9 p.m. Please consult the appropriate flyer for ticket information. Every contribution to our school supports your children, whether that contribution is financial or in the form of volunteer hours. Every person is needed to create a successful school experience for your children!

We would like to continue the tradition of the end of the year picnic at Ocean Beach for the children. Last year’s Pepere’s Picnic was paid for by contributions made by family and friends in honor of my Dad. Due to those donations we were able to provide lunch for the children. This year we will ask the children to bring a bag lunch and I will provide the ice cream for everyone. More details, including the date, will follow as we are currently securing the bussing for this trip to the beach.

Please continue to keep all those who are in need in your prayers. You are in ours each day.


Marianne Cote